Vegas Police Increase Pursuit Training

LAS VEGAS — One year after a police chase ended with one a man dead and a woman severely injured, Las Vegas police have launched a new training effort for suspect pursuits.

The trial of Aron Carpenter centers around the use of Metro helicopters during chases. Police are putting together a training video to let their officers know how to use helicopters during dangerous pursuits.

“We’re constantly trying to improve our techniques. We look at other agencies, we look at some of the mistakes we make here, we look at things we do right and we try to learn lessons,” said Officer Jay Rivera.

Carpenter stands charged with felony reckless driving after a pursuit that killed a suspect and injured a woman. A helicopter was present during that chase. Police won’t say whether the new training video is directly related to the Carpenter case, but emphasize an increased role for their helicopter during chases.

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