What Others Are Saying:

“The instructor, Travis Yates, immediately connected with the class and made this class engaging and informative. His years of experience in police supervision and administration was evident as he was able to link theory with practice. The class was very well organized and was taught in such a way that it made us really think about our role as leaders and the responsibility that brings within our organizations and communities. This is some of the best training I have attended in over 40 years of law enforcement.”  Scott Johnson, Chief of Police – Grand Rapids (MN) Police Department

“I walked away motivated and inspired!  Thank you for what you do, helping Officers better themselves.  Our Officers and Communities are better with this type of training.” Officer Corey Rosen, Boardman (OR) Police Department

“Travis is one of the best in the business.  In the many years I have known and worked with Travis I have always found him to be an innovator in the training community. All his programs are research driven with the end result being, the student receiving state of the art education. Every one of Travis’s projects or training programs that I have witness and/or been involved in is well thought out and goals and objectives oriented. Simply put – anything Travis does will be done well.”  Tony Scotti, Vehicle Dynamics Institute

“When you spoke at the conference, I was literally in awe and completely focused on you and every word you spoke.  Your speech had a profound impact on me as a human being.”  Karen, 2013 CHP Conference

“Your class was undoubtedly one of the best ones my officers have had in many years.”  Major Chris Boyd, Fort Smith Police Department

“Your class should be required for every single police officer in America.”  Officer Jason Cummings

“In my 12 year career, this was the best class I have ever taken on leadership.”  Sergeant Josh Johnson

“…You made it fun, interesting and real all at the same time. Trust me, it’s not often when officers stay focused on training….” Captain Scott Eakers

“Travis, I want to sincerely thank you and so does my three year old daughter. I was not a huge seatbelt user before. I would put it on during certain responses or events but, would not wear it for routine patrol. I also had a heavy foot,
that has become lighter since your class. You have more than likely improved my chances of surviability in the event of a crash.” Ohio Sergeant

“On behalf of the North Carolina League of Municipalities, I would state that we have  worked with Major Travis Yates as he has trained across our state and he is a highly motivated and riveting speaker on the subject of Police Driving and is widely recognized as one of the foremost experts on this subject nationwide.  His training tips have been invaluable to the departments in this state as we strive to reduce the number of police related auto accidents across the State of North Carolina.”  Steve Lee, North Carolina League of Municipalities


“Your organization is very much needed and I’m glad you have gotten the right crew together to help promote driving safety. As you obviously know, there are way too many line of duty deaths due to auto accidents. I am confident your educational work will help reduce the number of serious accidents and deaths. Keep up the good work.”  Chris Cosgriff – Chairman: Officer Down Memorial Page

“This site has become a daily stop for me when I get to work. For the latest in driver training, training issues and equipment – the site is second to none. I have used resources provided by Travis in some of my own training. The idea of those of us in Law Enforcement Training networking about emergency/pursuit driving is an idea who’s time is overdue – thank you Travis!” Corporal Gillespie- Orange County, Florida

“An outstanding resource! A very extensive website committed to law enforcement emergency vehicle operations training. Keep up the great work! From a fellow EVOC Instructor and Training Manager.” John – San Diego, California

“Having lost a daughter as a result of a police pursuit, I have an intimate and growing knowledge of the subject. It is police officers like you, Sgt. Yates, who are unafraid to tell it like it is, that give me hope that we can effectively cope with the complex, and deadly, issue of police pursuit. Thank you.” Jim Phillips of pursuitwatch – Florida

“Police Driving is now the premier location on the web for information about law enforcement driver training and a must for anyone who is interested in the subject of police pursuits.” – www.pursuitwatch.org

“The web site is nicely done. Actually, scary, I have always complained that there is no national clearing house for driving, particularly pursuit related incidents….your site is excellent and our agency has found some great items that we are using in training.”Jim M. – Tulsa

“This is the best site for LEDT/EVOC that I have found. I like the way that your focus is on solid information and not just flashy pursuit videos. As part of my training program for my officers, I will be having them look at your articles and other resources. I will keep checking back.” Chief Mike Carter – Sand Springs Police Department

“Great Site! I like your videos and pictures.” Andy Hammerand – Illinois

“Great site, not only for police, but for anyone who drives professionally.” Tony Scotti – www.securitydriver.com

“Hello, this is a great site. I enjoyed the stay here and I will come back again. Specially greetings from Switzerland. God bless America.” Ruedi – Bern, Switzerland

“As an LEDT/EVO instructor I have had the pleasure of seeing many similar sites, and this is by far the best one yet. The information is not only accurate, but timely. The time spent on this site must be immense, due to the volume and accessibility,as well as the navigation. Great job. I will be coming back repeatedly, for information as well as the entertainment. The attached sound files are entertaining as well. Great job.” Jim – Tulsa

“Great site. I’ve been here a few times and I never cease to be impressed by the wealth of information available. You are providing a great service to police officers all over the country. Thanks.” Richard – Broken Arrow, OK.

“Your content is amazing! I didn’t realize what great lengths you officers went through to protect the citizens and yourself with basic things like driving. Please keep up the good work, we need more professional, thorough, citizen minded police officers like yourself.” Unknown – U.S.A.

“This site is truly innovative and informative! The beginning of something forgotten. The vehicle revisited, “The most important tool and weapon in any arsenal.” “Make haste, slowly.” Wyatt Earp. Your setting the pace. Thank You Travis.”Kristofer Martinelli – The Online Traffic School, Inc. “The First and the Largest”

“Great site, Helped me to set up a course for our in-service training.” Scott – Dickson, Tennessee