Third Motor Officer Dies In A Month Doing An Escort

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I have longed spoken about needless deaths in our profession.  As a law enforcement officer, we are called to sacrifce but we are not called to sacrifice when it is not needed.  I am absolutely grieved by the death today of yet another motorcycle officer.  These guys are the true heroes in our communities & I believe it is time that our profession takes a serious look at whether the loss of life (several per year) is worth the benefit that motorcycles provide our profession.

On May 7th, 2011, Tennessee Trooper Andrew Wall was killed on his motorcycle while escorting the Air Force Thunderbirds and on May 21st, Tuscaloosa Motor Officer Trevor Phillips was killed while escorting a funeral and then today two California Officers collided while escorting a funeral of another officer.

As I write this, Hawthorne (CA) Motor Officer Andrew Garton is dead while El Segundo Motor Officer is injured.

You can read an article on today’s tragedy here.  It is ironic that two days ago I submitted a piece to Law Officer Magazine to discuss this very issue.  Now, another officer has died and a community and a family are left to mourn.

There will be much more said about this issue but for now, please pray for those affected and lets work hard to be as safe as we can.

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