The mission of PDI is to make police officers and citizens safer through an active driver training program within law enforcement agencies.  There are four main components to ensure police and citizens are safe as it pertains to law enforcement driving and we are committed to working hard towards these goals:

1.  An active & ongoing driver training program within every police agency based on best practices and sound principles.

2.  A sound pursuit policy in place & enforced with every police agency with training on that policy on an ongoing basis.

3.  Adequate Technology in the field of driver training and pursuit intervention techniques.

4.  Legislation in every state mandating training by every peace officer on an ongoing basis in emergency vehicle operations and mandatory prison time for suspects that flee from law enforcement using a vehicle.

Police Departments must take a different approach when it comes to law enforcement driver training.  Virtually every State requires that officers qualify with their weapons each year and most require training such as mental health, hazardous materials, and deadly force.  Where does driving come in?  Unfortunately the one thing that an officer does every single day  (DRIVING) is never discussed.  In too many places around the World, police officers never train in driving.  Why is this?

The reason is quite simple.  Who is anyone to tell someone else how to drive?  Many law enforcement officers have been driving since they were teenagers so training does not seem that important.  That is far from the truth.  Law Enforcement Driving is far different than the driving citizens do on a daily basis.  The very nature of a police car and the job officers do lends itself to an assortment of problems as it pertains to driving.  Police radios, computers, lights, and pursuits are just some of the inherent issues that involve police driving.

Since 1997, more police officers have died in vehicle related incidents than a violent confrontation with a firearm.  Sadly, this trend continues.  Municipalities, Counties and States will pay more money related to police involved collisions and pursuits than they will with deadly force encounters.  Deadly Force and Firearm Training is essential.  So is Law Enforcement Driver-Training.

That is what this site is about.  It is about awareness, information and training.  Police Driving.com will do it’s best to provide law enforcement officers and citizens the information to assist them in changing the attitude that is providing a dangerous environment.  Police Driving.com should be a place for others to gather.