No Slip Ups: The Skidcar System

Driver training is one of the most critical types of skill development that an EMS agency needs because, frankly, EMS drivers spend most of their time driving. This means the largest hazard can come from daily operation, whether driving in Code-3 mode or otherwise. Unfortunately, teaching vehicle control skills can often require a large amount of space, especially when you need to vary surface environments to imitate changing traction conditions.

But what if you could bring the environment to the vehicle rather than the other way around? What if you could do so in a manner that would allow you to create nearly infinite traction conditions in a space no larger than the parking lot at the local supermarket?

Enter SKIDCAR Systems and their revolutionary SKIDCAR training apparatus. SKIDCAR has been around since the 1980s and operates in 35 countries including the USA, but many departments are still learning about this system that could solve their driver training needs.

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