Police Caused Wrecks Leave Victims Wanting Justice

HOUSTON — What happened at Clear Lake City Boulevard and the Gulf Freeway feeder nearly four years ago, haunts Jessica Gunn to this day.

“I still fear and cringe going through the intersection,” Gunn said.
Gunn had the green light, but a Houston police officer on a chase ran the red light and ran right into her SUV.

“I got hit at probably a hundred miles per hour, the wheels flew off my car at impact,” Gunn said.

The impact also broke her ribs and left her face battered and bruised.

“I couldn’t breathe,” she said.
But Gunn said the worst part wasn’t her injuries, or her totaled vehicle, but what didn’t happen.

“Absolutely, it’s a double standard,” Gunn said.

What is she talking about? Houston Police investigated the crash and found the officer driving that car, Kurt Rogers, was indeed at fault. But he managed to avoid the one thing any citizen surely would have gotten—a ticket.

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