GMC Begins Delivery of New Caprice to Police

Deliveries of the first Chevy Caprice police cars to law enforcement agencies are underway, according to Automotive News. Quietly inserted into GM’s monthly sales release for May, the automaker reported that 23 fleet-only Caprice models were sold. According to Automotive News, these cars were the Detective versions, not the standard pursuit models. Although it’s unknown which agencies took delivery of these cars, we’ll no doubt see (or not see, in the case of the stealthy Detective model) more Caprices on patrol soon, as the current police favorite, the Ford Crown Victoria, is being discontinued this year.

Speaking to Automotive News, GM spokesman Tom Henderson said that the high-speed pursuit version, the Caprice PPV (Police Patrol Vehicle), would be shipped later this year. Henderson also said that the pursuit models will greatly outnumber the Detective models. The Detective version of the Caprice is an unmarked unit available with either a V-6 or a V-8. While it may look like a full-production model, this Caprice will only be available to law enforcement agencies.

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