Despite Florida Violence Against LE, Vehicle Deaths Lead

More South Florida police officers have been killed in car crashes than from gunfire over the past 14 years.

Since 1997, at least 20 South Florida officers were killed in vehicle wrecks and nine were shot to death, statistics show.

Most recently, Delray Beach police Sgt. Adam Rosenthal, a 16-year veteran, crashed his cruiser into a tree and died on his way to work on Feb. 17.

Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Patrick Ambroise, 35, was killed May 15 in a crash on Florida’s Turnpike in Miami-Dade County. Ambroise was stopped in an emergency lane when his cruiser was struck by another vehicle and erupted in flames, trapping him inside.

Officers have died on the job in accidents involving cars, motorcycles and ATVs. Fourteen were killed in crashes with other vehicles or fixed objects; two died when their parked cruisers were struck by other cars and burst into flames; two ran into the road and were struck and killed by a police car; one was hit by a car as he stood next to a vehicle during a traffic stop and one was hit and killed while directing traffic.

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