Cruiser Crashes into Garage During Chase

Jan. 02–A speeding Santa Clara police officer lost control of his vehicle Saturday morning, careening into a garage on Los Padres Street but causing no injuries.

The officer was trying to assist another who was chasing a stolen vehicle. He was traveling southbound on Los Padres, lights and siren on, when a third vehicle pulled out from Serra Street.

The officer swerved to avoid the car and lost control, according to Lt. Phil Cooke. The accident took place at 11:36 a.m.

“It was by far the most exciting thing to happen in Santa Clara since I’ve lived here,” said witness Katie Fischl Fuller. Several fire trucks, more than a dozen officers and a small crowd gathered at the site, located between Forbes and Homestead

Streets. Firefighters used a table saw to create a brace for the damaged garage, said Fuller.

Parolee Joshua Stokes, 23, of San Jose, was arrested for vehicle theft, Cooke said.

Courtesy: San Jose Mercury News

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