Two California Officers Collide In Intersection: One Dies

Note:  In our Drive To Survive Seminars, we speak specifically about the dangers of intersections & how that is increased when we are responding to a call.  Below we see yet another tragedy involving intersections.  Research tells us that when officers go to work, they are more at risk when they drive through intersections than any other call type.  As you pray for this officer, his family and community, we urge you to take every precaution you can while behind the wheel.

Police Officer Ryan Stringer was killed in an automobile accident when his patrol car collided with another patrol car at about 2:30 am.

He and the officer in the other patrol car were responding to a robbery in progress when they collided at the intersection of North Garfield Avenue and East Main Street. Both officers were transported to a local hospital where Officer Stringer succumbed to his injuries. The other officer was admitted in serious condition.

Officer Stringer had served with the Alhambra Police Department for two years.

NBC Los Angeles Coverage

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