Below 100 Course Huge Success

The first Below 100 “Train the Trainer” was hosted in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 14th and the positive comments continue to come in from those that attended.

An instructor from Mississippi e-mailed this shortly after the class:  “…one of the most powerful seminars I have ever attended.”

Why is PDI behind this initiative?  Here are the core tenants of the campaign.

1. Wear Your Seatbelt | 2. Watch Your Speed | 3. Wear Your Vest
4. WIN-What’s Important Now? | 5. Remember: Complacency Kills!

As you can see, driving plays a huge role in reducing line of duty deaths to below 100 each year.  I have said for some time that when we start to believe that this can happen, it WILL happen.  After the training, over 100 instructors started to believe.  According to Instructor Jeff Crow, it was “the most significant training that you can provide.” You can view some of their comments below.

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