Tips To Selecting Driving Instructors

They say that in life your path intersects with so called “defining moments”—times where something, or someone, is introduced into your world that alters the shape of your future from that point forward. For me, I owe the last 20-plus years of law enforcement EVOC driver training to one man: Lt. John Leas (Ret.) of the San Diego Police Department. 

Note:  I met Lt. John Leas many years ago and he became very involved in our efforts here at PDI.  He gladly took the role as the West Coast Representative and was our biggest supporter.   I saw John just about every year at various conferences and meetings and he was just a great guy to be with.  John has left quite a legacy in regards to driver training and his efforts will make a difference for years to come.  It will always be an incredible honor to have met him and worked with him.

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