The Power Of One

What does the Power of One mean? This phrase came to me a few weeks ago as I was thinking about some of the remarkable achievements that just one individual has made.

Individuals such as Private Nicholas Madaras. An American Soldier that was home on leave from Iraq in July 2006. Nick decided that he wanted to come up with as many soccer balls as possible to bring back to the children near his post. Being a passionate soccer player, he wanted to give the balls to the children as a gesture of good will. He did this but Unfortunately, Nick was killed by an IED on September 3, 2006 and was never able to distribute the balls himself.

Private Madaras was just one Soldier, not of any rank, but he showed what the Power of One can do. Today, soccer balls have been donated from 46 states and literally thousands have been distributed in Irag and every one of them bears the name, Nick Madaras.

The Power of One…..What is that and how does it apply to you?

We make the mistake of thinking that we can’t make a difference.  You are the Power of One.  You can do something to change the world…to change the country…to change your state…to change your county, your city and your agency.

The question is what will you do?

In the coming months we will be highlighting stories from individuals that did something to make that difference in law enforcement.

Travis Yates

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