The Danger of Inefficient Training

The Driver Training industry faces a sobering message as we enter 2011. Once again we see an increase in Law Enforcement traffic related crashes with fatal results. The statistics show a dramatic rise in these incidents which now far outweigh the number of deaths caused by gunfire. Needless to say, all is not well in the Municipal driver training industry.

What happened? While we do not know the details of all these accidents, we do know that in the last 20 years Police and Fire/EMS driver training has become more exposed as a needed and mandatory training segment. Considering the amount of time spent in their vehicles, driving is in many cases the number one component of risk for injury or death to Police officers.

Even with the raised exposure to driver training, we have to wonder if the curriculum being offered is as good as it could be? With more driver training AND more accidents, is the offered curriculum doing more harm than good?

It may be time to reevaluate and move driver training into the 21st Century. Electronic dynamic safety technology (ESC/ESP/TC/electronic brake force distribution and more) allows vehicles to help the driver when mistakes are made. Does this mean all the electronics will take the place of thorough driver training? No, we don’t think so. However, Driver Training in the 21st century may need to move from motor-skills based, to improving how the driver thinks and communicates with the new, smarter modes of transportation.

A very interesting future awaits us. Hopefully, we will be a part of it, and not caught still sorting out driver training curriculum from the 20th Century.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts…

 Dane Pitarresi –

Note:  PDI is proud to partner with Skidcar Systems and we will re-post items from their website on a frequent basis.  We like their model of training and what they stand for.  I encourage you to visit their website and blog.

Travis –

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  1. Dane, Travis,

    As a UK Police Advanced Driver and Instructor and a (UK) qualified Skid Car Instructor the LACK of training that Officers here receive is astounding. Unfortunately, I do believe that until a family, that has suffered a tragic loss sues for lack of “Duty of Care” nothing will change.
    All Officers need to experience driving when employing speed safely; they need to conduct themselves more professionally when driving as they stand in judgement of other’s driving. The Skid Car system is one of the best tools I have employed and gives Officers an insight into Car Control in a controlled, safe environment.

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