SKIDCAR Announces Mobile Training Course



LAS VEGAS, NV, ‐ SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC. announced today that a new Mobile Driver Training Course is scheduled to be unveiled in May of 2011. This expansion promises to bring the effective, innovative SKIDCAR SYSTEM® curriculum to departments and organizations that previously lacked access to such a program.

Since 1990, SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC. has primarily delivered SKIDCAR™ Equipment and Instructor Training to Law Enforcement, 1st Responder, and Military Driver Training Academies, and currently has equipment and instructors operating in 42 States. However, many agencies and communities do not have the infrastructure to support a full time driving program utilizing the SKIDCAR. Bringing a designated mobile SKIDCAR to these communities as needed, can implement a program of practical driver training on a temporary schedule. SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC. would deliver everything needed including a specially trained professional instructor.

Difficult economic times have recently been a reminder that practical Driver Training is vitally important not only to public welfare, but also tightened budgets. Comprehensive Driver Training has proven to lower vehicle accident rates, reducing expenditures created by health care, insurance, and equipment costs.

The owners of SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC., Dane and Lisa Pitarresi, stated, “With today’s Municipal Risk Pools requiring their insured agencies to improve Driver Training programs, we are in an excellent position to offer a proven, practical alternative to old and antiquated curriculum. SKIDCAR training can be customized for use in Basic Driver Safety Courses, Advanced Driver Training, EVOC for Fire/ EMS and Police, and/or Military programs. Even teens or family members of municipal employees could attend safety training utilizing our modern SKIDCAR SYSTEM.”

As Fleet Administrators add new vehicles equipped with ESC (Electronic Stability Control) to their existing inventory, the SKIDCAR™ can easily cross‐train with the new technology of electronic driver safety equipment, keeping training programs relevant and up to date. Using the SKIDCAR affords small, medium, and even large agencies the opportunity to present Risk Reduction, Skid Control, and Electronic Stability Control training anywhere a suitable paved area is available. Expensive and hard to find EVOC centers and road courses are not required.

SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC. is well‐equipped to meet the demands of the modern Risk Reduction campaigns of Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire, and EMS Departments as well as their need for modernized Driver Training and Critical Driver Safety Education. For more information on 2011 scheduling please call SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC. at (702) 395‐ 2896 or contact via e‐mail at


SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC. has operated as the exclusive distributor of SKIDCAR products for North America since 1990. SKIDCAR™ & SKIDTRUCK® technology enable the user to adjust the co‐efficient of friction (grip) to duplicate challenging driving conditions. The SKIDCAR SYSTEM consists of equipment, parts, service support and instructor training. Driver training academies and programs that require slippery surface driving experience or an understanding of vehicle dynamics learn how thought process must be used for success of controlled driving in any environment. A proprietary controller allows for adjustments to multiple traction settings with memory so control of grip is possible for each vehicle axle. This functionality gives the ability to set the vehicle to duplicate realistic driving dynamics in complete safety. SKIDCAR technology has proven to be an accepted, realistic, and economical solution for slippery surface driver training