Sioux Falls Put To Test In EVOC Training

Sioux Falls Police Officers have been put to the test this week, only this exam doesn’t involve a number two pencil. KSFY takes you inside the squad car to shows what officers are doing to keep you and themselves safe on the road.

The orange cones dotting the fairground parking lot are not for construction, they are a training exercise for the Sioux Falls Police. It’s called the Emergency Vehicle Operation Course or EVOC, for short.

“We try and teach them the basics, driving fast, drive smooth, drive safe learning from the pitfalls that are out there.” Said Lieutenant Jerome Miller

Lt. Miller is a course instructor and says every officer will run the course at least once every two years. Many people may ask how weaving in and out of cones helps officers in real life scenarios, but Lt. Miller says the answer is a simple one.

“It teaches vehicle placement, I know where the front and sides of my car are, I know how to negotiate a curb looking at how I can get through it quickly and safely.” Said Lt. Miller.

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