Runaway horse-and-buggy damages police car


Authorities said a runaway horse-and-buggy in Darlington damaged six cars including a police vehicle, but no one was injured Wednesday morning.


The Darlington Police Department said a buggy was tied outside a business on Galena Street at about 10:30 a.m. by 31-year-old owner Elam Allgyer of Darlington when the horse freed itself and took off with the cart.

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department said as the horse-and-buggy entered on to Main Street, Darlington officer Steven Messner attempted to block the buggy from continuing onto northbound Main Street.

The buggy struck the department’s 2010 Ford Explorer that Messner was driving, causing minor damage to the tail light and rear bumper, Darlington police Chief Jason King said.

Five other vehicles in the area were damaged by the buggy, according to the police department.

The buggy overturned spilling its contents of gasoline and paint in the business parking lot.

The officer and the horse were not injured, according to the report.

King said something spooked the horse and it was able to free itself.

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