Ohio Officer Killed In Collision: Details Emerge

WILLOUGHBY — Officer Jason Gresko was on his way to help an officer who was dealing with an intoxicated man at Lake West Medical Center when his cruiser collided with a pickup truck.

We are now hearing the police dispatch recordings from the night of the accident. Gresko’s cruiser hit that tree so hard that he spun around.

Dispatchers said he was not answering his radio and the caller told the dispatcher that “I don’t think he is breathing.”

Dispatch: “You don’t’ think he is breathing?”

Caller: “I mean he, he is in bad shape.”

Dispatch: “Willoughby units enroute to the accident. Officers are requesting that you step it up. Repeat, step it up.”

Others say that Gresko was known to step it up, as many times he was the first on scene to help others.

Lauren Gieling was in an accident of her own and says she owes her life to Jason Gresko who was a close friend of her husband’s

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