Officer Speaks About Traffic Stop That Changed His Life

PARKVILLE, MO (KCTV) – Dash cam video shows nearly a year ago when two lives were changed forever during a Parkville, MO, traffic stop. One man is now in jail and the police officer he assaulted talks publicly for the first time in an interview you won’t see anywhere else.

On July 31, 2011, Capt. Jon Jordan assisted a fellow Parkville police officer on a traffic stop of 24-year-old Demario Bello, but Bello tried to flee the scene.

“My arm was stuck behind him and, as soon as the car took off, the last thing I remember from there was…I don’t know if I jumped back in the car consciously, or got sucked back in the car, when my arm was stuck and the car took off, but I’m in the car, stuck in it,” Jordan said. “I remember going airborne off of Main Street and I don’t know where I landed on 9 Highway. I remember seeing the sky.”

The blank spots in Jordan’s memory of that day have since been filled in by fellow officers.

“I bounced alongside the road, back up into the car, the car hit a telephone pole afterwards,” Jordan said. “The car ended up facing the other direction. Mister Bello got out, stepped over me, and took off running.”

Jordan’s list of injuries from the terrifying incident is extensive. He suffered a broken left shoulder, a torn labrum in his right shoulder, a herniated disc in his neck, back problems, torn muscles, hip problems, and an injured right knee. But he said they pale in comparison to his head trauma which robbed him of parts of his memory.

“I don’t have memories of my kids getting that game-winning hit or losing a game. I don’t know if I’ll ever get those back. I hope I do, but I don’t have any memory of that,” Jordan said. “I meet strangers every day that are people that have been friends or been in my life for long periods of time.”

He said his lack of memory is a far more painful outcome of the incident than any of the other injuries he suffered.

Bello is now serving 15 years in prison for the assault, but Jordan said he’s already moved on.

“I don’t hold ill feeling for him. The justice has been served. The system worked the way it was and everything is what it is,” he said.

Jordan said since the Parkville Police Department doesn’t have light duty, he left the department after 22 years, but is still very much a part of things. He now works for the city in City Hall

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