NYPD To Start Rumbling

The New York City Police Department  is planning to outfit all its new cars with a state-of-the-art siren, dubbed “The Rumbler.” The system uses woofers to emit powerful bass sound along with a screeching siren. NYPD joins other agencies using the “Rumbler” like Chicago, Washington D.C. & Tulsa.

Civilians will not only be able to see the siren but hear it as well.  About 5,000 NYPD cars are expected to be outfitted with the devices.

We have reviewed this technology and we highly recommend it.  Most cars built today are promising the public that the car will give them a quiet ride with limited noise on the outside.  For the most part, the car manufacturers have done an excellent job on this promise and the result from a law enforcement standpoint is they will not hear your siren.

This is where the “Rumbler” comes into play.  We encourage you to take a serious look at this technology and we believe you, your agency and the motoring public will be safer for it.

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