Lotus Police Car: To End Crime?

For quite some time we’ve been decrying the UK police force’s serious lack of hot pursuit cars. After all, a Range Rover hardly competes with the Italian boys in blues’ pimped Lamborghini Gallardo Polizia, does it? Well, it seems that our cry for help has clearly been heard at last, as Lotus have kindly given the West Midlands traffic unit one of its 162mph Evora sports cars. To describe it as “visually arresting” would be an understatement…

Yes, that was a truly awful pun (we need to have a private chat – Ed), but we just couldn’t help ourselves. Especially as we’re struggling to come to terms with the reality that Britain finally has a decent-looking police car. It’s been a long time coming!

Admittedly, we’d have preferred it if Lotus had handed over a production version of the new 200+mph Lotus Esprit (not that we’re hinting at anything), but the £55,000, 3.5-litre V6 powered Evora is no slouch when it comes to performance levels. A 0-62mph that falls under 5.0 seconds should have all crims quaking in their boots.

“It’s a very quick car and we hope it will prove an effective deterrent to anyone thinking of speeding or trying to outrun us,” says PC Angus Nairn.

“It will attract a lot of attention on the motorways but that is the whole idea – it will remind drivers of the need to keep to their speed limits at all times,” he added.

Want to see the British police force’s new supercar for yourself? Then click on the link below to see the Lotus Evora police car and other hot cop cars from around the globe. Come along now, let’s be having you!

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