‘Insane high-speed’ police chase on M20 just training

MOTORISTS on the M20 may have witnessed what they thought was a car chase  today – but it turned out to be police training.

One Folkestone resident said he saw three police cars and another vehicle in  an “insane high-speed police chase” on the London-bound carriageway in the  Ashford area.

However a police spokesman cleared up any confusion on the matter, insisting  it was a “supervised” training exercise.

They said: “Officers were carrying out training in a safe and controlled  manner, supervised by trained officers. No contact was made to the unmarked  vehicle, which was driven by a police instructor.”

Read more: http://www.folkestoneherald.co.uk/Insane-high-speed-police-chase-M20-just-training/story-20949138-detail/story.html#ixzz2ys8GnKmZ

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