Honor The Fallen by Training the Living

Today begins the ILEETA 2014 Conference in Lombard, Ill. ILEETA — the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association — is an amazing organization comprised of the best police trainers in the world, and this annual event draws all those amazing people into one place.

One of the countless people I look forward to seeing every year at ILEETA is my friend and PoliceOne colleague Travis Yates, who writes our police driving column. Regular readers of this space know that I’ve written about some of Travis’ efforts to help victims of natural disasters, and help outfit police officers with body armor. These “side projects” are in addition to his work as a full-time officer and trainer.

This year is a fairly special one for Travis — he is entering his tenth year as a PoliceOne columnist, and he’s founded a training company focused on increasing officer safety behind the wheel — so as the ILEETA 2014 conference got underway, he reflected on his 10-year milestone, and talked of his new training company.


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