Glendale Officers Investigated For Taking Squad Cars To Vegas

Six Glendale police officers were placed on administrative leave for a variety of alleged incidents, including using a police vehicle for a trip to Las Vegas and a case of off-duty road rage, a source told The Times.

Glendale police would not provide details of the cases, saying they are internal administrative matters and are prohibited for speaking about them publicly.

But officials said the action is part of an effort by Glendale’s police chief, Ron De Pompa, to maintain a zero-tolerance policy on police misconduct.

“Chief Ron De Pompa has initiated these investigations into the alleged misconduct in four unrelated incidents,” said Glendale police spokesman Sgt. Tom Lorenz . “Chief De Pompa will continue to hold his police officers to a very high professional standard to ensure that the members of this community have confidence that they are getting the best possible police service.”

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