Florida Commander Fired After Laughing About Deadly Wreck

CBS News) A top official of the Florida Highway Patrol is out of a job, and other members may be in trouble. It all stems from a deadly accident caused by a trooper last year.

But, as reported on “CBS This Morning,” it’s why critics say the crash is part of a larger problem among officers.

One year ago this month, Detrick McClellan, a Florida highway trooper, answered a call about rocks being thrown from an overpass.

McClellan — driving more than 100 miles an hour with his emergency lights off — rounded a curve and slammed into 51-year-old Michelle Campbell’s car. The crash killed Campbell and badly hurt her niece and granddaughter.

McClellan was fired and given three traffic tickets.

Nine months later, a video shows McClellan in court. Seven other troopers were also there and seen laughing and joking before the judge.

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