Chief On Administrative Leave: Lack of Training Cited

News of a Police Chief being placed on leave isn’t exactly news.  That seems to be the life of any law enforcement leader today but it is interesting that a lack of training is cited as one of the reasons.  Anyone that reads what I have written over the years knows that I have been very critical of law enforcement leaders that do not train their officers in the core critical tasks.  It is the most important job any leader can do.  Here is a must view of a recent video on this very issue by renowed Risk Manager Gordon Graham.

You can read the article below.

Cañon City Police Chief Duane McNeill was placed on administrative leave Tuesday evening pending an investigation into several statements made during a management audit of the department.

Among the criticism of the administration were: “A very disjointed training program (allegations that training was actually suspended due to a staffing shortage).” “There is no emergency vehicle operation course training.” “There was no arrest control training for several years.” “The Police Department has become a high turnover agency from a once low turnover agency.” “Lack of trust throughout the police department.” “Lack of communication throughout the department.”

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