Below 100 Initiative

It’s been more than 65 years since the annual number of line-of-duty police deaths was fewer than 100. Law Officer’s Below 100 initiative will change that by concentrating on areas that can most effectively save officers’ lives. An awareness campaign, combined with a training program, Below 100 will provide a commonsense solution to driving down a number that has remained too high for too long. It begins with five simple tenets:

1. Wear Your Seatbelt
2. Watch Your Speed
3. Wear Your Vest
4. WIN-What’s Important Now?
5. Remember: Complacency Kills!

PDI is proud to be a partner with the Below 100 Initiative.  You will be hearing much more about this in the months to come but for now, please go to the website, download the information and implement it in your agency.

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