Are Officers Distracted Using Laptops?

High Point, NC – The majority of law enforcement officials have laptops mounted in their cruisers, tools to help them do their jobs. But when they use them while driving, is that considered distracted driving?

Over the weekend, a High Point police officer crashed his car after looking at his laptop.

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  1. I know that having a computer in law enforcement vehicles certainly enables our men in blue to do their jobs protecting us much more efficiently, but it certainly is a dangerous distraction that can cause injury not only to civilians themselves, but to the officers that are forced to use them in order to do their jobs. Civilians are not even allowed to text and drive, which I am certainly glad that is being enforced now, but certainly a computer has to be more dangerously distracting than texting even!! I pray for our police officers out there that have to use these computers everyday, and I fear that this is just the beginning of many injuries or deaths even that our officers are going tobe dealt with due to the technological advances that although maybe very helpful, they aren’t going to be helping our officers that get killed while trying to use them.

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