Are Cops Born To Speed?

We’re now just days away from the end of another deadly year for police officers, and it’s been well documented that we are on our way to the 14th consecutive year of roadway incidents being the leading cause of death to law enforcement officers in America. I had been an EVOC Instructor just one year when this trend started and I have seen an increase in awareness and training almost every year since the trend and despite those efforts the trend remains and we have seen NHTSA tell us that since 2000, 42 percent of the officers killed behind the wheel were not wearing seatbelts. Since 1999, we have seen 43 percent of those officers killed in single-vehicle collisions which indicate that many of them may have been related to excessive speed.

We have to ask ourselves, “Why?” Why do our officers ignore proven safety devices and proven safety measures when they know it is killing and injuring those in our profession at alarming rates?

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