2011: The Ups and Downs

“I’m worried about these firearm deaths Travis…They really concern me.”

That was the response I received from a national organization when I pressed them about doing more in regards to vehicle related deaths.

That was earlier in the year when felonious deaths to law enforcement were well above a record pace and well ahead of roadway deaths.

I absolutely understood his concern and we SHOULD be concerned and we should act but why do we seemingly continue to ignore the obvious.

That obvious fact is that for 13 years in a row, roadway incidents have been the leading cause of death to law enforcement officers so at what point will we recognize this issue and fight this battle?

Today, June 28, 2011, firearm deaths are still leading but only by a slim margin (36-31).  This isn’t a contest.  If an officer dies, no matter how, it is tragic and we must do all we can to prevent it.  I’m just not convinced that we are doing everything we can. 

Some are and I’m proud to be associated with Law Officer Magazine’s Below 100 Campaign.  The campaign, designed to push our annual deaths to below 100 discusses not only roadway incidents but complacency in general.  The campaign has been endorsed by COPS, California POST and numerous other organizations.  Some organizations that should be involved are still on the sidelines.

How can you help?  How can you fight the battle?  Get involved and do your part.  I would recommend going to the Below 100 Website and see how you can become involved.

You don’t think one person can make a difference?  Let me encourage you to check out what CHP Trooper Mike Allen has done.  If that doesn’t inspire you, nothing will.

Now lets get to work……

Travis Yates

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