2 More Officers Die In Collisions

On July 3, 2011, law enforcement was given yet another kick in the gut when two more of it’s finest were killed in vehicle collisions.  The deaths of Deputy John Mecklenburg and Georgia Sheriff Dee Stewart once again remind of us of the most dangerous aspect of our job…driving.

Roadway incidents know no bounds.  Deputy Mecklenburg had two years of service while Sheriff Stewart was a longtime law enforcement veteran and the head of law enforcement in Spalding County.

The deaths of these heroes also shine a spotlight on two critical areas we must be concerned about.  Intersections and fixed objects off the roadway are killing our finest at record rates.  It is something I speak about in the Drive To Survive Seminar and we should all be aware of the implications.

Intersections and fixed objects off the roadway are particularly deadly because of “side impact” collisions.  Simply put, there is no room for error here.  If you are involved in a “side impact” collision at high rates of speeds, they are likely a deadly incident.

Please join me in praying for the community and family of these two officers and lets do everything we can to turn this epidemic around.

Travis Yates

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