PDI Seminar

The Drive To Survive Seminar is a dynamic 4-8  course designed to introduce law enforcement officers to a wide variety of topics related to emergency vehicle operations.  A sample of the topics include:

  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Attitude vs. Ability
  • Pursuit Policy
  • Pursuit Intervention Techniques
  • Police Pursuits & The Media
  • Driver Training Basics
  • Legal Update
  • Deadliest Mistakes

And Much More……………………………………………

This seminar is designed for all officers and can be adapted to conform with your state’s requirement for in-service training, etc.

Meet The Instructors:

 Tulsa (OK) Police Captain Travis Yates has been involved in emergency vehicle operation training for over 15 years.  He is the founder & owner of Police Driving International and it’s website, www.policedriving.com.  The largest and most comprehensive site of it’s kind, Travis has consulted for numerous organizations including California POST, Line of Duty Films, The Discovery Channel & Simulator Systems International.

He was named the international instructor of the year in 2008 by Law Officer Magazine and is a monthly columnist for Police One.  In 2010, Travis helped develop the Below 100 Initiative and is one of just four instructors selected to train others in that instructor course.  Travis books a limited schedule each year and with the demand, it is suggested that a 3 month notice be given on potential dates.


“Best Part of the ILEETA Conference.”

“I’ve been in law enforcement for 19 years and I’ve never experienced a class like this before.”

“Your class was the best I had at the CALEA Conference.”

“Your class is undoubtedly the best one my officers have had in many years.  I’ve had nothing but positive feedback and compliments about it from my officers, and you know as well as I do that cops with any time on the job at all don’t normally hand out such reviews unless they’re pretty impressed.”

“I sat in on your presentation on Thursday and then understood why you were honored as the Trainer of the Year. I have been preaching your driving death stats to anyone who will listen around here.  I was totally unaware of this preventable aspect of annual officer deaths and have already challenged all of our supervisors here to take increased notice of all driving related complaints.”

“Travis, I met you on Wednesday April 30th at the ESLETS Conference in Lake George, NY.  I was at your table in the morning.  I asked where you were from and when I realized who you were, that I read your articles.  Anyway, I enjoyed your presentation as did the other two officers from my PD.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) This is a classroom seminar.  How will that help me improve my driving? 

This seminar will not only help you improve your ability but most importantly it will improve your safety.  Driving related incidents are the leading cause of death and injury within law enforcement today. While it may be ideal to train on a driving track, that is not reality for the majority of law enforcement officers.  This seminar was put together to train officers in the mental aspects of driving.  The Drive To Survive Seminar is decision based and will give officers the resources to make their jobs safer. 

2)  How can I attend this seminar?  At this time we are only scheduling agency or conference sponsored courses. 

  • Your agency pays a daily fee and provides the classroom and places all students in the class.  There is not a limit to the number of students.  Please contact us at  policedriving (AT) yahoo.com  for our fee to conduct this seminar.

3)  How long is the seminar?  We offer a 4 hour and 8 hour seminar.  Our 4 hour seminar is popular and can be taught twice in one day.  This permits officers from various shifts to attend the training.