Not all driving schools are created equal and The Police Driving Site is committed to only listing those schools that pass strict standards in training curriculum and instruction. Before a school is listed on this site, they either submit their curriculum along with the credentials of their instructors or a PDI Associate conducts an on site assessment. Listings on this page are free. If you are interested in listing your training program, You may contact us for the requirements.

PDI Seminar

If you are looking for a dynamic one-day course for inservice, instructor updates or for a conference, be sure to check out our exclusive Seminar.  You can find details here.

Recommended Training Locations:

Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy

Driving Courses

Instructor Courses

Article On Our Visit: Driving In Ohio: It’s Worth The Ride

Note:  If you are interested in the dynamic training that the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy provides, you may contact:
Jeff Eggleston directly. 

Phone: (740) 845-6305

Lifeline Training

Lt. Jim Glennon (Ret) is a friend and we highly recommend his courses.  Dallas Sgt. Keith Wenzel has put together an excellent course on driving. 

Phone:  (630) 279-5673

You can listen to an interview we did with Jim here.