Doug Larsen

Sergeant Doug Larsen Co-designed, maintained and operates the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course for the State of Utah; provides training, department leadership and liaison to Utah P.O.S.T.

He has 16 years’ experience in various phases of law enforcement driver training, school operations, and training management. Emphasis in law enforcement is in running day-to-day operations for UDPS’s EVOC facility, managing the cadre staff and team of technical specialists, representing emergency vehicle training and policy interests to Utah P.O.S.T.

His Emphasis of technical experience is in developing functional criteria and specifications for state-of-the-art driving simulators and training software, reviewing and analyzing vehicle control, vehicle safety and vehicle training technology for law enforcement applications.

As a Training Specialist and subject matter expert (SME), Doug provided direction and team leadership to create effective, safe driving curriculum and operational simulator scenarios for the law enforcement. This curriculum established Utah as a preeminent force in the use of simulator-based training for Emergency Vehicle Operators.

Sergeant Larsen has a B.A. (Business/Accounting) from Utah Valley State College and a M.B.A. from Westminster College. His current advisory roles include:

California POST, Safe Driving Campaign; VOTAC
FLETC (Simulation Committee)
Guest Instructor at ALERT Int’l
Guest Lecturer on Driving Simulation and Training Integration
Expert Witness for driver training

You can contact Doug at: Doug(AT)