LAPD Cars to Track How Cops Drive

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Ford’s fleet telematics partner, California-based Telogis, is introducing a police version of its Crew Chief tracking system that lets businesses see where and how their vehicles are being driven in real time. According to Wired, 50 police cruisers have been equipped with the new “Law Enforcement Edition” hardware that actively transmits OBD data—such as throttle and brake position, speed, yaw, traction-control status, and more—to the station. The number-one goal, says Telogis, is to reduce police-related traffic fatalities. Last year, nearly 44 percent of the 105 officer deaths nationwide were caused by car accidents, many of which involved officers not wearing their seatbelts. The other benefits to tracking nearly every detail of an officer’s drive—accountability to the taxpaying citizenry, cutting maintenance and fuel costs—are there, too.

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Most police departments use some form of GPS tracking and dashboard video cameras for dispatching and evidence during traffic stops. But the Telogis system can tell if an officer is accelerating hard or if the engine needs an oil change. It can record maximum speed, whether the sirens and lights are activated, and, of course, how often an officer wears his or her seatbelt. Software then creates driver profiles of every officer so identifying problematic drivers is a smartphone app away. The system will be available on Ford’s Interceptor vehicles starting early next year.

The tech may be a boon to police watchdogs like Ron Carr, who regularly films speeding cruisers on North Carolina highways with a specially outfitted Honda Odyssey (really), but the system’s undisclosed price and potential backlash from officers in the field—who already are under close scrutiny—may see departments adopt it slowly, if at all.


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2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit Launched, Pulling You Over Soon

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Study the front end of this car very, very closely–because you’ll soon be watching out for it in your rearview mirror. Chrysler has released details and images of the 2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit, the latest iteration of its four-door muscle car designed for police use.

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Wilmington Debuts New Police Car Design

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wilmingtonToday the department debuted one of it’s new vehicles to members of the Wilmington City Council.

Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said the department will be replacing old squad cars with these new ones.

According to Evangelous, there are currently 20 cars budgeted for replacement. He says that the black and white design is a more traditional style they wanted to bring back.

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Corvette Stingray Police Car Up for Sale

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Even though the new C7 Chevrolet Corvette has been on the market for less than a year, the new Stingray is already popping up on the used car market and one particular 2014 Corvette Stingray coupe covered in a sharp looking police livery has caught my eye on the Swedish classifieds site Blocket – illustrating that the new Vette looks awesome as a cop car.Just to be clear, this 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray doesn’t seem to have been an actual police car anywhere in Sweden, but rather a private owner purchased the car and had it imported to Sweden.  Once there, the new owner opted to wrap the 2014 Corvette Stingray in a traditional “Hollywood” police scheme with a predominantly black body, white doors, a white raised section of the hood and white police duty decals all around.  This theme is clearly borrowed from the police car in the movie Transformers, which is emphasized by the slogan “To protect and enslave” on the sides and back of the C7 Corvette. –


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O.J. Simpson Bronco Chase is 19 Years Old

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Today is the 19th anniversary of what was probably the most famous police chase of all time. Most of us remember where we were at the time of the chase but have you thought about what would happen today if this chase happened?

Can you imagine Facebook and Twitter exploding? It’s a different time now but unfortunately there has been no real movement on technology to actually stop these pursuits….Just a few things to think about.

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10 Coolest Cop Cars

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The urban myth is that American cop cars are packed with a mysterious collection of performance parts that eclipse anything you can find at your local dealer. In reality, history’s highest-performing cop cars are certainly quick, even if their ultimate performance is a little less dramatic than the lore would suggest.

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Carbon Motors Police Car of the Future Shifts To Van of the Future

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Remember that super cool police cruiser Carbon Motors promised by the end of 2012? It looks like the company has placed its aggressive-looking cop car on the back burner in favor of an even more aggressive-looking cop van.

Carbon has shifted its focus from the classic two-partner cop setup they built into the E7 in favor of SWAT team essentials, placing most of its eggs instead into this v8 diesel-powered, 4×4, 10-passenger basket. But that might be bad news for the 638 law enforcement agencies that already placed orders for the E7 Pursuit and Surveillance Vehicle (PSV).

Not to worry. Carbon will offer “special TX7 pricing” for those departments. Cars for vans. They might consider just buying a bunch of surplus Panthers, super cheap.
Like the E7, the TX7 van also ambitiously aims to be the ultimate thing a police department can buy, albeit this time in paddy wagon form rather than patrol cruiser. Its super high tech styling seems focused on convincing people the TX7 will make you pay for your crimes. But somehow, the thing comes off looking a bit like the Griswold Family Truckster version of a GMC Safari van.

But the TX7’s proposed guts have the potential to be innovativeish. Carbon said it plans eventually to offer a CNG powertrain, solar panel arrays, weapons of mass destruction sensors, and other possibly undeveloped options. They also helpfully pointed out for potential customers (or jilted/incensed E7 orderers) that most special mission trucks are big and clunky and cost up to $2 million. Their van starts at $150,000 (no word on how much for the optional nuclear bomb sniffers and bad guy detecting death ray).

This robo-van is certainly both edgy and not what E7 customers asked for. But to E7 aficionados, we say don’t fret. You can fit way more perps in a TX7. Hell, you could even turn prisons into TX7 van festivals, rehabilitating convicts through modern-edged ’70s communal van culture and — in states where drugs end up being legalized — paralyzing volumes of pot smoke. We’re looking to the future of law enforcement, right?

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Topeka Police Replace Crown Vic with SUV

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Topeka police are on the road to replacing sedans with sport utility vehicles as their patrol car of choice.

The switch is fueled by Ford’s discontinuing the production last year of its Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

Topeka’s governing body on Tuesday evening approved a lease-purchase agreement to acquire police vehicles that will be paid for over three years at a cost of nearly $889,000.

Police Chief Ron Miller said the department will leave some vacant jobs unfilled to achieve about $300,000 a year in salary savings to free up the money, which will be used to acquire about 30 Ford Utility Interceptors with a Ford Explorer-type body style.

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Aussies Reveal Most Powerful Police Car Ever

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With a supercharged V8 engine it’s the most powerful highway patrol car to ever hit Australian roads – but it will spend most of its time attracting revheads instead of trying to fine them.

The limited edition Falcon GT – the fastest ever car built by Ford Australia – has all the latest technology to catch high-speed crooks but it will be used as a public awareness vehicle at events across NSW to break down the barriers with car enthusiasts.

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Dodge Dart Police Car?

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What you’re looking at here is a Dodge Dart Police Car. Now we know that Chrysler doesn’t built a Dart police car so what is this all about? This pas week, employees at Chrysler Group’s Belvidere Assembly Plant were escorted to the Belvidere/Boone County Food Pantry for a special Thanksgiving Day dinner. The police usually patrols the community in a Dodge Charger Pursuit but Belvidere Police Chief Jan Noble had a better idea…..

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