North Carolina Officer Dies After Car Goes Off Bridge

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ASHEVILLE, NC (WIS/WYFF) – A police officer died when his cruiser went off a bridge in Asheville early Tuesday afternoon.

The police car plummeted off the Jeff Bowen Bridge on Highway 240 and landed along Riverside Drive at about 1 p.m.

The cruiser was flipped up on end, with its hood crushed into the ground and the rear of the car against a bridge piling.

Asheville Police Chief William Anderson said Tuesday afternoon that Officer Robert Bingaman died in the crash.

“Despite the efforts of emergency personnel and our own officers who responded to the scene, officer Bingaman succumbed to his injuries,” said a visibly shaken Anderson. “It goes without saying that this is a great loss for our department, the City of Asheville and our community.”

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ALERT International Conference

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The Association of Law Enforcement Emergency Response Trainers is holding their National Conference in Austin, Texas the week of September 9th.  Featured speakers include Gordon Graham, Calibre Press, California POST, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and much more.

This is going to be a great event for anyone interested in EVOC issues.  Find out details at

Deadly Texas police pursuit ends with 6 dead

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CITRUS CITY, Texas — A high-speed pursuit of a stolen truck Monday afternoon resulted in a multiple-vehicle wreck that killed six people and hospitalized several more in western Hidalgo County.

A Texas Highway Patrol sergeant was chasing a truck that had been stolen out of Alton when the fleeing vehicle came into the intersection of Mile 7 and Western roads, striking three other vehicles, according to a news release from the Texas Department of Public Safety.


The driver then tried to flee on foot but was caught by state troopers before being taken to the hospital. Authorities had not released his identity by press time Monday.

Sandra Nunez was enjoying a quiet afternoon in her home just north of Mile 7 and Western roads when she heard a commotion outside and called her cousin, who lives down the street, to make sure she was OK.

“All of a sudden you heard a helicopter and sirens and everything,” Nunez said in Spanish as she pointed toward the wreck. “I had never seen anything like this before. I am a little shocked by this and it’s so scary that over there people died.”

The scene of the wreck was just east of Juarez-Lincoln High School, and school officials placed several school buses just south of the wreck to block the view of the scene.

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Local woman pushes for police pursuit law changes

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KXXV-TV News Channel 25 – Central Texas News and Weather for Waco, Temple, Killeen |

KILLEEN – Esther Seoanes wants Central Texas cities to change their police pursuit laws to match those in Dallas.

“Dallas does have a police policy that states they will not pursue for a nonviolent felony crime,” explains Seoanes. “That means if somebody steals property, police officers will attempt to catch the criminal in a way that doesn’t involved police pursuit on vehicle, endangering other lives.”

Last year Seoanes lost her husband to a high speed chase in Austin. She said the suspect committed a minor offense of theft, and police chased him through rush hour on a busy highway. The suspect crashed into her husband’s car, killing him almost instantly.

The loss devastated her, and encouraged her to make other people do not lose loved ones from pursuit accidents.

“So many innocent victims are killed each year, and everyday we lose someone very special who was just going about their way,” said Seoanes.

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Mid-Year Officer Fatality Report

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The first half of 2013 saw 51 line-of-duty deaths nationwide. Of these, vehicle-related incidents continue to be the leading cause. A total of 18 were vehicle-related fatalities versus 17 killed by gunfire. And as always, a significant percentage of these vehicle related deaths were preventable.


-Unsafe speed is the leading cause of law enforcement fatal and injury collisions.

-The majority of vehicle-related officer fatalities occur while en-route to a call for service, where driving at a high rate of speed is not necessary.

-You are almost three times as likely to die when not wearing a seatbelt in a collision.

-Distraction and/or fatigue has been shown to be a significant contributing factor in many law enforcement-involved vehicle collisions.

Read more in the Mid-Year Officer Fatality Report by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund at:

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19 Arizona Firefighters Dead

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presocottIt is a tragic day for our country and for our first responders.  the largest single loss of life in the first responder community since 9/11 happened yesterday outside of Prescott, Arizona.

Please remember this community, these families and all of our first responders in your prayers.

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Police Cars Collide: Officer In Serious Condition

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collideMOUNT KISCO — One of the two officers hurt in a collision of two police cars in the village’s downtown late Saturday was released from the hospital as the accident investigation continues, police said Sunday.

An unmarked black police car and a marked cruiser crashed on East Main Street, Route 117, about 11 p.m., witnesses said. Both were on the way to a call.

The marked cruiser appeared to have struck a tree after the two vehicles collided. Its windows were shattered and axles bent, leaving it grounded on its belly. Pieces of the tree were scattered on the sidewalk and in the roadway, along with shards of glass.

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How Could This Happen?  Read an exclusive article by Travis Yates.

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Carbon Motors Police Car of the Future Shifts To Van of the Future

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Remember that super cool police cruiser Carbon Motors promised by the end of 2012? It looks like the company has placed its aggressive-looking cop car on the back burner in favor of an even more aggressive-looking cop van.

Carbon has shifted its focus from the classic two-partner cop setup they built into the E7 in favor of SWAT team essentials, placing most of its eggs instead into this v8 diesel-powered, 4×4, 10-passenger basket. But that might be bad news for the 638 law enforcement agencies that already placed orders for the E7 Pursuit and Surveillance Vehicle (PSV).

Not to worry. Carbon will offer “special TX7 pricing” for those departments. Cars for vans. They might consider just buying a bunch of surplus Panthers, super cheap.
Like the E7, the TX7 van also ambitiously aims to be the ultimate thing a police department can buy, albeit this time in paddy wagon form rather than patrol cruiser. Its super high tech styling seems focused on convincing people the TX7 will make you pay for your crimes. But somehow, the thing comes off looking a bit like the Griswold Family Truckster version of a GMC Safari van.

But the TX7’s proposed guts have the potential to be innovativeish. Carbon said it plans eventually to offer a CNG powertrain, solar panel arrays, weapons of mass destruction sensors, and other possibly undeveloped options. They also helpfully pointed out for potential customers (or jilted/incensed E7 orderers) that most special mission trucks are big and clunky and cost up to $2 million. Their van starts at $150,000 (no word on how much for the optional nuclear bomb sniffers and bad guy detecting death ray).

This robo-van is certainly both edgy and not what E7 customers asked for. But to E7 aficionados, we say don’t fret. You can fit way more perps in a TX7. Hell, you could even turn prisons into TX7 van festivals, rehabilitating convicts through modern-edged ’70s communal van culture and — in states where drugs end up being legalized — paralyzing volumes of pot smoke. We’re looking to the future of law enforcement, right?

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Aussies Reveal Most Powerful Police Car Ever

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With a supercharged V8 engine it’s the most powerful highway patrol car to ever hit Australian roads – but it will spend most of its time attracting revheads instead of trying to fine them.

The limited edition Falcon GT – the fastest ever car built by Ford Australia – has all the latest technology to catch high-speed crooks but it will be used as a public awareness vehicle at events across NSW to break down the barriers with car enthusiasts.

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Dodge Dart Police Car?

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What you’re looking at here is a Dodge Dart Police Car. Now we know that Chrysler doesn’t built a Dart police car so what is this all about? This pas week, employees at Chrysler Group’s Belvidere Assembly Plant were escorted to the Belvidere/Boone County Food Pantry for a special Thanksgiving Day dinner. The police usually patrols the community in a Dodge Charger Pursuit but Belvidere Police Chief Jan Noble had a better idea…..

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