Patrol Car cameras Have Bumpy Reception From St. Louis Police

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ST. LOUIS • City police officers believe in-car cameras are being used against them, and they are trying to find ways to avoid driving cars equipped with them, according to union grievances.

Emails dated April 13 from Capt. Mary Edwards-Fears to superiors and underlings reveal officers’ concerns that cameras — installed in about half of the city’s 300 patrol division cars — make police vulnerable to second-guessing.

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Will The Carbon E7 Be Built?

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Is the next generation of police cars up on blocks before they ever roll out of the lot? For at least one specialized U.S. manufacturer, the task just got tougher.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) denied Carbon Motors’ application for funding under the federal Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) program this week, casting doubt on whether the company’s next-gen E7 police cruiser will be built.

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Study Finds Hazardous Distractions In Police Cars

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MINNEAPOLIS — A new study shows that technology in police squad cars can be a hazard. The police squad car is like an office, and like many officers, Minneapolis Sgt. Gary Nelson has to spend a lot of time in this office.

“We are in these cars 80 to 90 percent of the time,” said Sgt. Nelson.

And they are not alone. The officers share space with radios, cameras, a computer – all technology critical to police work.

But Sgt. Nelson worries about all the distraction.

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Police Pursuit Shows Need For Police Helicopter

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A high-speed car chase that allegedly saw a stolen Porsche hit speeds of more than 150 km/h underlines the need for a police helicopter for the Gold Coast, police say.

The two-hour chase through several Gold Coast suburbs on Monday ended after a news crew in the Channel 7 helicopter followed the Porsche and told police where it was.

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Are Officers Distracted Using Laptops?

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High Point, NC – The majority of law enforcement officials have laptops mounted in their cruisers, tools to help them do their jobs. But when they use them while driving, is that considered distracted driving?

Over the weekend, a High Point police officer crashed his car after looking at his laptop.

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EVOC 101 Web Presentation

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Several months ago I was asked to conduct a webinar on internet based learning and how that applies to EVOC.  I discussed a product called EVOC 101 Web.

I want to be clear that I did this webinar and did not receive compensation.  This is not a “paid for” advertisement but it was based on my experience with the product.  I believe it compliments traditonal EVOC training.  The video of that webinar is below.

Skid Car Now In China

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China Dragon Racing has for the last several years explored expanding their training business component to target the exploding Chinese market of car sales and the obvious need for Road Safety Training for its emerging automobile drivers. In the search for the world’s best technology, curriculum, and training, CDR turned to Sweden, the safest country in the world in regards to Road Safety. SKIDCAR equipment was chosen, with instructor training provided by SKIDCAR SYSTEM, Inc

Las Vegas, NV, July 24, 2011 –(– SKIDCAR SYSTEM, Inc. would like to congratulate Kelvin So and CHINA DRAGON RACING in becoming the exclusive agents for SKIDCAR™ in China.

CEDERGRENS MEK, the manufacturer of SKIDCAR SYSTEM in Sweden, awarded the contract this week.

CDR, based at the international racing circuits at Zhuhai International Racing Circuit located in Zhuhai, China and Guangdong International Circuit located near Zhaoqing, China, have been at the forefront of motorsports competition throughout Asia. Principal and team owner Mr. Kelvin So has over a decade of experience in competition driving and in operating a multifunction business operation including racing school, racing car rentals, FIA Touring car preparation, team, driver management and driver coaching.

With roots in automobile racing, CDR has for the last several years explored expanding their training business component to target the exploding Chinese market of car sales and the obvious need for Road Safety Training for its emerging automobile drivers.

In the search for the world’s best technology, curriculum, and SKIDCAR instructor training, CDR turned to Sweden, the safest country in the world in regards to Road Safety.

With examination of critical statistics and technology used in Swedish curriculum, SKIDCAR was the choice above all others to offer a driver training tool for an inexperienced Road Safety Training market.

China has generations of experience in the human transport of goods, services and its people. However, as new economic classes are increasingly able to afford automobile based mobility, a revolution in Road Safety Training is a very real and important step to mitigate the costs of automobile related accidents, injuries and deaths to the Chinese people.

Cedergrens and their brand SKIDCAR™ and SKIDTRUCK® are the recognized leaders in practical equipment for driver training used in road safety. Kelvin So and CDR needed an efficient answer to bring road safety training to China while also enhancing their professional training operations in China’s emerging Motorsports Industry.

Kelvin So and CDR knew through their research that a multifunction approach to wide use of the SKIDCAR was necessary. Road Safety Training as a primary new business direction had to be supplemented with SKIDCAR use for other CDR business and driving school ventures. Competitive Track Events, Advanced Driving, the sport of Drifting, and Police and Emergency Response are all in the sights of CDR.

Cedergrens turned to the exclusive North American agents and world’s largest SKIDCAR distributor, SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC. for the task of SKIDCAR Instructor training and certification. CDR needed programs to offer to a multitude of driving disciplines. Racing, Drifting, Advanced, as well as Road Safety Training programs had to be addressed and baselines for curriculum developed.

Dane and Lisa Pitarresi, owners of SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC. have more than two decades of experience in SKIDCAR use. Dane’s knowledge in training over 1000 instructors for multiple driver training disciplines was called upon to deliver the needed information for SKIDCAR use to CDR’s experienced driver trainers and coaches.

Dane’s 39 years of automobile racing, teaching, coaching, and developing driving programs for SKIDCAR in Road Safety as well as advanced and racing programs, were utilized to give CDR a maximum jump start in preparing curriculum and use for the Chinese market.

Video of the SKIDCAR at CDR can be seen on YouTube at the following addresses:

SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

CEDERGRENS MEK – Klintehamn, Sweden


As a privately held, family run company, SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC. has operated as the exclusive distributor of SKIDCAR products for North America since 1990. Over 270 SKIDCAR SYSTEMS are presently located in 42 states and 4 provinces. SKIDCAR™ & SKIDTRUCK® technology enable the user to adjust the co-efficient of friction (grip) to duplicate challenging driving conditions. The SKIDCAR SYSTEM consists of equipment, parts, service support and instructor training delivered by experienced professionals, passionate about the safety and efficiency of their students. Driver training academies and programs that require slippery surface driving experience or an understanding of vehicle dynamics learn how thought process must be used for success of controlled driving in any environment. SKIDCAR technology has proven to be an accepted, realistic, and economical solution for slippery surface driver training. 866-SKIDCAR (754-3227),


A Safer Way To End Pursuits

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Saying they are learning from the 2001 death of an officer, Austin police officials are outfitting all patrol cars with what they say is a safer, less expensive method for puncturing the tires of a suspect’s vehicle during high-speed pursuits.

The department is phasing out its spike strips, or stingers, in favor of a new device called Stop Sticks.

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LAPD Chevy Caprice PPV

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Taking a ride in a police squad car is typically an unenviable experience, but not today. Bradley teams up with our friends at the LAPD to check the tech on the all new Chevrolet Caprice PPV (Police Patrol Vehicle). From an infrared night vision camera to an automated license plate scanner, this Caprice cop car puts Robocop’s ’86 Taurus LX to shame.

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No Slip Ups: The Skidcar System

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Driver training is one of the most critical types of skill development that an EMS agency needs because, frankly, EMS drivers spend most of their time driving. This means the largest hazard can come from daily operation, whether driving in Code-3 mode or otherwise. Unfortunately, teaching vehicle control skills can often require a large amount of space, especially when you need to vary surface environments to imitate changing traction conditions.

But what if you could bring the environment to the vehicle rather than the other way around? What if you could do so in a manner that would allow you to create nearly infinite traction conditions in a space no larger than the parking lot at the local supermarket?

Enter SKIDCAR Systems and their revolutionary SKIDCAR training apparatus. SKIDCAR has been around since the 1980s and operates in 35 countries including the USA, but many departments are still learning about this system that could solve their driver training needs.

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