Supreme Court sides with police over fatal Ark. pursuit

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WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has sided with police officers who were sued over a high-speed chase that ended with the deaths of the fleeing driver and his passenger.

The court was unanimous in holding that the officers who fatally shot driver Donald Rickard did not violate the violate Rickard’s constitutional rights.


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Report: York Police Chief and Lt. violated department pursuit policies

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A York Police internal review has concluded four officers, including the Police Chief and a lieutenant, violated department policies during a high speed chase that registered speed more than a 100mph.

City officials have not revealed what, if any, disciplinary actions were administered against any of the four.

On April 4th, York Police spotted a car that had been reported stolen. When police eventually caught the driver – Jacob Floyd Bailey – events after his arrest led to an investigation into York’s Police Chief’s use of force. South Carolina’s Law Enforcement Division {SLED}conducted the investigation. The results have not been made public.

York Police and city officials reviewed the police pursuit that weaved through the city.

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Toronto Councilor Wants To Give Cops Tickets

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TORONTO – Councillor David Shiner wants to see a crackdown on cars parked illegally – including Toronto Police vehicles.

Shiner led the government management committee Monday in voting to ask the Toronto Police Services Board to look at increasing parking enforcement on arterial roads during rush hours and on all roads with bike lanes.

“I want to see them enforce the rules on parking,” Shiner said. “I want to see them enforce the rules to be sure that in rush hour people that are stopping in no stopping zones, in bicycle lanes, in rush hour routes actually are summons for it.”


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Points on police policy after Va. Beach pursuit

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – It started with an attempted robbery and a deadly shooting at one pharmacy. It ended with gunfire and a crash with a dangerous police pursuit along the way. And it all played out during the workday on busy city streets.

10 On Your Side has been asking about police pursuit policy and how it is designed to keep everyone else safe when something like this plays out. Officers are working to apprehend a suspect before more harm is caused, but sometimes the pursuit itself proves to be dangerous to everyone around too.

Virginia Beach wouldn’t comment on their policy on Monday. All they would say is that they needed to stop the suspect, a man they said had no respect for the safety of officers or the public. So they blocked off intersections and tried to minimize traffic in the area as much as possible.

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Cleveland PD Changes Pursuit Policy

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CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland police on Thursday unveiled a vehicle pursuit policy that includes barring officers from driving after a fleeing suspect unless the suspect is accused of committing a violent felony or driving intoxicated.

Among the changes are rules that prohibit officers from deciding for themselves to join a chase and limits the number of trailing police cruisers to two — except in special circumstances, said Chief Calvin Williams.

Additionally, a sole supervisor — in most cases the immediate supervisor of the officer who initiates a pursuit — will assume all responsibilities of a chase, and officers ordered to terminate a pursuit must turn around and travel away from a fleeing suspect, according to the order.

Williams said revising the policy was not a reaction to the full-tilt pursuit on Nov. 29, 2012 in which more than 60 police cruisers chased after driver Timothy Russell and passenger Malissa Williams.

The chase began downtown near the Justice Center when officers reported hearing a gun fired from Russell’s passing 1979 Chevy Malibu.

The pursuit ended when officers cornered the Malibu in East Cleveland and let loose 137 rounds. Autopsies show Russell was shot 23 times, and Williams 24. Police said they opened fire because Williams tried to ram officers with his car.

Last year, the division changed its use-of-force policy to bar officers from shooting at or from a moving vehicle.

Chief Williams said the deadly chase “has a place” in the new police order, but that the process of revising the pursuit policy began months before Russell and Williams were killed.

“If the community can take one thing from this, they should take that the Cleveland Division of Police is committed to making sure we deliver the best possible service to them,” Williams said. “And our officers can be assured that we will do that in the safest possible way for them.”

City Councilman Zack Reed questioned whether the updated policy will do anything to keep officers from repeating the 2012 incident. More than 75 officers were found to have violated procedure during that chase.

“We have to make sure these people understand if they don’t follow a policy there will be serious consequences,” Reed said, suggesting the division intensify its pursuit training to ensure the new order is followed.

Williams said the division, since 2012, has undergone more frequent and better pursuit training.

“We’ve taken [our training] up 10 levels since then to ensure we don’t have the issue that arose November 29,” Williams said.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine – who called the 2012 chase a “systemic failure” – welcomed the policy changes.

“It sounds to me like they are moving in the right direction,” DeWine said. “I think the key is always in the training and a command in control. That obviously has to go along with the policy.”

Police union president Jeff Follmer fears the new policy will be an impediment.

“We still have to do police work and we still have to make split decisions,” Follmer said. “We still need to do our job to apprehend [suspects] and put them in jail. We can’t live in a city where there is a no-chase policy. Are we going in that direction? I don’t know.”

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Police Officer Caught Over Speed Limit 700 Times

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Sorrento, La. Police Officer James Bell has reportedly broken the speed limit more than 700 times, according to a GPS device in his police cruiser.

On Sept. 2, 2013, Officer Bell claimed he was “attempting to catch up to a vehicle that was allegedly going 80 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone,” says a report by the Louisiana State Police.

However, at some point in the chase, Officer Bell lost control and hit another car. Officer Bell was driving 100 m.p.h. when he hit the other car, according to the GPS in his police cruiser.

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Mobile Police Investigating Pursuit

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A one-vehicle fatal car crash in midtown Mobile Saturday has put the spotlight on how the Mobile Police Department handles police chases…

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Cleveland Sergeant Fired For Failing To Supervise Pursuit

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CLEVELAND (AP) — The city fired a police sergeant, demoted two other supervisors and suspended nine more Tuesday for their roles in the chase in which officers fired 137 shots and killed a fleeing driver and his passenger.

The fired officer, Sgt. Michael Donegan, briefly participated in the chase last November but pulled off, parked his patrol vehicle and failed to supervise his officers, police officials said.

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Australia Passes Strict Pursuit Laws

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WESTERN Australia is claiming the toughest protection for police involved in pursuits of stolen cars under new laws passed by the state government.

WA police had threatened to ban pursuits unless new laws were passed.

The controversial legislation ratified on Thursday stipulates penalties for drivers who kill or injure road users or drive recklessly while fleeing police.

A mandatory minimum 12-month jail term will await any driver who tries to escape police and then engages in dangerous driving that causes death or serious injury.

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Louisville Restricts Pursuits In New Policy

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Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad announced Wednesday that his department was revising its pursuit policy to reduce the risk from collisions in car chases that have killed eight people and injured at least 77 since 2007.

Conrad said the new policy will mandate that police can only chase suspects if they are being sought for a violent felony. Previously police could chase suspects by car for any felony, whether violent or not.

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