Report: York Police Chief and Lt. violated department pursuit policies

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A York Police internal review has concluded four officers, including the Police Chief and a lieutenant, violated department policies during a high speed chase that registered speed more than a 100mph.

City officials have not revealed what, if any, disciplinary actions were administered against any of the four.

On April 4th, York Police spotted a car that had been reported stolen. When police eventually caught the driver – Jacob Floyd Bailey – events after his arrest led to an investigation into York’s Police Chief’s use of force. South Carolina’s Law Enforcement Division {SLED}conducted the investigation. The results have not been made public.

York Police and city officials reviewed the police pursuit that weaved through the city.

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Toronto Councilor Wants To Give Cops Tickets

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TORONTO – Councillor David Shiner wants to see a crackdown on cars parked illegally – including Toronto Police vehicles.

Shiner led the government management committee Monday in voting to ask the Toronto Police Services Board to look at increasing parking enforcement on arterial roads during rush hours and on all roads with bike lanes.

“I want to see them enforce the rules on parking,” Shiner said. “I want to see them enforce the rules to be sure that in rush hour people that are stopping in no stopping zones, in bicycle lanes, in rush hour routes actually are summons for it.”


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Duck, ducklings halt police pursuit in Oregon

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One Oregon driver certainly owes a big thank you to Mother Nature.

A Portland Police dash camera caught a speeder doing 52 mph in a 35 mph zone. Naturally, the officer began his pursuit with the likely goal of citing the driver.

However, in the midst of the pursuit, a mother decided it would be a good time to cross the street with her ducklings. Thankfully, the officer slowed and helped to get them so safety.

The speeding driver got away.


Mom & Son Die In Japan Pursuit

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japanKOBE – A woman and her 5-year-old son were killed when their vehicle was hit by a police car at an intersection in Tanba, Hyogo Prefecture, on Sunday.

The woman, 34, was identified as Tamba resident Asami Yura. Her two sons — Kanta, 5, and Yuzen, 3 — were also in the car, but the younger one survived with only minor injuries.

Tanba police are questioning the driver of the police car, patrolman Shinnosuke Sakabe, 39, who faces charges of negligent driving resulting in injury and death.

Police sources say visibility was good when Sakabe entered the intersection on a green light. They also quoted the officer as saying he failed to avoid the car — which approached from the left — and that he struck its right side at around 12:25 p.m.

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Wilmington Debuts New Police Car Design

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wilmingtonToday the department debuted one of it’s new vehicles to members of the Wilmington City Council.

Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said the department will be replacing old squad cars with these new ones.

According to Evangelous, there are currently 20 cars budgeted for replacement. He says that the black and white design is a more traditional style they wanted to bring back.

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Points on police policy after Va. Beach pursuit

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – It started with an attempted robbery and a deadly shooting at one pharmacy. It ended with gunfire and a crash with a dangerous police pursuit along the way. And it all played out during the workday on busy city streets.

10 On Your Side has been asking about police pursuit policy and how it is designed to keep everyone else safe when something like this plays out. Officers are working to apprehend a suspect before more harm is caused, but sometimes the pursuit itself proves to be dangerous to everyone around too.

Virginia Beach wouldn’t comment on their policy on Monday. All they would say is that they needed to stop the suspect, a man they said had no respect for the safety of officers or the public. So they blocked off intersections and tried to minimize traffic in the area as much as possible.

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‘Insane high-speed’ police chase on M20 just training

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MOTORISTS on the M20 may have witnessed what they thought was a car chase  today – but it turned out to be police training.

One Folkestone resident said he saw three police cars and another vehicle in  an “insane high-speed police chase” on the London-bound carriageway in the  Ashford area.

However a police spokesman cleared up any confusion on the matter, insisting  it was a “supervised” training exercise.

They said: “Officers were carrying out training in a safe and controlled  manner, supervised by trained officers. No contact was made to the unmarked  vehicle, which was driven by a police instructor.”

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Dallas police chief: Claims of lowered training standards are unfounded

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Dallas Police Chief David Brown responded Friday to allegations that his department had lowered testing standards for recruits, blasting the claims as unfounded.

Brown said he found no evidence that his department violated procedures by allowing recruits to repeatedly take driving and shooting tests until they passed.

The chief launched an internal review after the president of the Dallas Police Association sent a letter to city officials Thursday complaining that the department had grown lax in its testing requirements for operating police vehicles and shooting firearms.

In the letter, Ron Pinkston cited one recruit who apparently failed the vehicle operations course more than the four times allowed by policy. He also accused the department of allowing “marginal” shooters to take remedial training until they succeeded.

After interviewing employees involved in training, Dallas police said they found “no facts” to suggest that shooters were given remedial lessons until they qualified. Police also said they abided by department policy by allowing the recruit to retake the driving test.

Brown is launching an internal affairs investigation into the source of the allegations. “We take these allegations very seriously and will not tolerate the lowering or downgrading of our training standards,” he said in a statement.

Pinkston remained confident that evidence supports his claims and asked that Brown release documents to prove otherwise.

“I’m also disappointed that he is starting an internal affairs investigation to find out who leaked the information, instead of starting an internal affairs investigation to find out who bypassed the policies and procedures already set in place,” Pinkston said.

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Video shows fatal City Hall crash

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Video of the high speed crash that killed a bystander outside Baltimore City Hall last year shows the suspect being pulled out of his overturned car and restrained by people on scene.

The footage, shot from a Maryland State Trooper’s patrol car that was trailing the speeding Acura sedan, was released this week by State Police.

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Dashcam video shows Johnny Johnson speeding and after he crashed near Baltimore city hall, striking and killing Matt Hersl April 9, 2013. Johnson received 10 years for vehicular manslaughter and one for drug possession. (Maryland State Police)

Child Hurt, Man Killed in Crash During Chicago Pursuit

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An infant was injured and a 26-year-old man was killed when the car they were in fled police officers who saw someone inside firing a gun in Humboldt Park late Friday, police said.

The boy, whose age was unavailable, is in stable condition. He was taken to Lurie Children’s Hospital, police said. Police found a revolver in the car.

A baby bottle sat next to a flannel shirt among other debris from the crash. The hood of the car had a light-pole sized dent in the front of the hood.

The car caught fire after the crash and police pulled a number of the occupants out. At least one had to be cut out by firefighters, who removed a door that ended up leaning against a currency exchange.

The chase started when officers in the 2500 block of West Division Street saw someone shooting from a white PT Cruiser and tried to stop it about 9:50 p.m., police said.

The car took off, police pursued and the car, travelling eastbound, crashed just west of Ashland Avenue on Grand Avenue. The car’s front end hit the pole and it appeared that the back end swung around into a brick wall next to the sidewalk. Police were behind the car when it crashed.

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